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Almega Service Contractors – your industry and employer organisation

Almega Service Contractors provides a high degree of expertise in employer and enterprise policy issues which releases company time for concentration on their core activities. The concept of service has been extended and the industry is showing constant growth. Almega Service Contractors is responsible for a total of 80 per cent of the private market turnover.

Our five principle areas

Almega Service Contractors provides service and information within five principle areas.

  • Enterprise policy monitoring.
    Almega Service Contractors monitors the enterprise policy interests of the industry. We present the industry’s views in dialogue with the authorities and other organisations. On behalf of our member companies we meet the proposals and changes generated from political decisions and the actions of the authorities.
  • Authorisation.
    Authorisation is an important part of strengthening the industry’s reputation and through the fact that serious companies show that they are Authorized Service Companies strengthening the entire industry.
  • Traditional employer and contract issues.
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  • Skill development.
    Almega Service Contractors works strategically with skill development. Member companies are offered tailor-made training to support managers and co-workers in their occupational roles, for example, the training for supervisors and courses on contracts and agreements. We contribute to improving competence within our industry through SRY, the professional board for the service industries. SRY has developed training material for cleaners which can lead to professional certification.
  • EU issues.
    The industry is a member of the EFCI, European Federation of the Cleaning Industry, which is an industry and employer organisation at European level. The EFCI is also one party involved in discussions between parties on the labour market at European level.

What are the benefits to you as a member?

Almega Service Contractors spreads knowledge about the industry through active information activities. We do this, for instance, by holding talks, seminars and by publishing articles in professional journals and in the daily press where we promote the good reputation of the industry and emphasise the importance of entrusting specialists to get professional work done. We also co-operate with other organisations such as FR, the Swedish Federation of Private Enterprises, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise as well as with various public authorities and other industry representatives.

We have designed different tools to assist you with client contacts. For example we can provide general contracts of terms and conditions, contracts of employment, the Cleaning Index and INSTA 800.

Our counterparts representing the employers are Ledarna, the Swedish organisation for managers, and the Salaried Employees Union Unionen, and representing the employees they are the Swedish Building Maintenance Workers Union, the Swedish Municipal Workers Union and SEKO, the Union of Service and Communication Employees.